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ALDO Pillow Walk™ technology – designed with moulded foam and padded insoles – are as versatile as they are comfortable, offered in various shades, silhouettes, and textures.

Antibacterial Foam

Constructed with antibacterial foam with active charcoal foam with odor control in the upper and ventilation perforations, the shoes are designed to keep feets feeling fresh for all-day performance.


Strategically placed at the forefoot of the outsole and insole, our flex technology allows for an ultra-flexible bend at the sole, which means less resistance as you move, making it comfortable for all-day workwear and any formal events.

Soft Materials

Made with soft upper materials to facilitate flexion and provide that extra bit of comfort, our flex technology makes our flexible shoes suitable for all-day wear with ultimate comfort levels.

Stability & Traction

While the forefoot of the sole is flexible, increased stability at the heel allows you to stay grounded, boosting your confidence for all-day comfort. The soft rubber outsoles provide that extra bit of traction for added foot control and an empowered stride, making it the perfect pair of comfortable flexible shoes.

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